01 Exec Broke Dwn No. Bay Calif

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rhc, Dec 18, 2005.

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    We have a 2001 Monoco Executive, Cummins 500, with Allison 4000 MH transmission-- 30,000 miles, new set of batteries 6 mos. ago. Yesterday, cruising along 101 So., headed for New Mexico, in the rain of course, received dashboard warning light, "Check Trans." Looked down, and noticed tran had downshifted to L5, though 6 was selected. I could not manually up or downshift. The only other warning light displayed on the dash was the "((ABS))." Approximately 2-3 mins later, the transmission seemed to "shut us down", and I coasted to a safe place to the side. The engine remained idling, but the transmission console was going nuts, as well as the Coach View of the Trip Tek. I shut the enginge off. Started the generator but could only do so with battery boost. Let it run for considerable time, but every time I tried to start the engine, it would "kill" the running generator, and refuse to start.

    Transmission temperature had been cool (I believe 145 degrees was the highest) since we had only been traveling for about 45 minutes and traffic was congested.

    I'm assuming the trans was receiving low voltage. Any other ideas?

    Sunday, 12/18/05 update:
    1. Just returned from trouble shooting rig basics with my son-in-law who is tech/mechanic litereate. Disconnected chassis batteries. Found them to be fully charged and inline fuses on battery harnesses are good.
    2. Don't know if this is related, but the generator will not even crank from the chassis batteries. We can only start generatior by hitting the boost switch (presumably from the coach bank of batteries).

    Transmission console has a red light on in the Mode button. And the engine will not attempt to crank.

    I'll probably have a Truck Emergency repair guy tomorrow, at the site, but any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

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    01 Exec Broke Dwn No. Bay Calif

    Had a friend that had a similar problem in the rain. Seems like there is a relay that is prone to get wet during some rain storms. The mechanic came out pulled the relay installed a new one with a liberal coating of RTV and he has not had any problems since.
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    01 Exec Broke Dwn No. Bay Calif

    Ok, here's an update. Ran generator all night, and engine started right up with no transmission error signals.

    Apparently, the chassis batteries were low, and the alternator/regulator was not keeping a sufficient charge to them. The "Alt Fail" light never came on. Bench test to be conducted tomorrow.


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    01 Exec Broke Dwn No. Bay Calif

    Rhc, Have you checked the ground on the chassis batteries. Most goofy problems can be traced to a faulty ground. keep us posted

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