12 Volt Power Loss

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    Well, dumb me. I received the rebuilt converter/charger and was working on installing it today and messed up. I accidently touched the allen wrench on side of converter (old bad one) but it caused a short somewhere in the 12 volt system. I did not disconnect the battery when i tried installing the new converter. The short happened when I was taking the old bad on out. I've installed the new one, but did not plug it in yet, as i did not want to fry it. I've checked 12 fuses (auto type) and they look fine. Battery has power. 12 volt cut off is on. I had replaced a internal breaker in the line for slide out and I think between it and the battery is a metal box mounted on the inside of the trailer tongue under the TT and it appears that it has a similar type fuse inside it. Not resettable. It is the only thing I can think of that could be the problem. On one of the terminals it reads 12 plus volts but on the other terminal it does not read 12 volts plus, but some crazy number. I'm guessing that breaker is shorted out internally and I'll need to go to RV dealer tomorrow and buy new one. Thank goodness I have a small fridge outside connected to park post for 110/20 amp. Won't lose anything in fridge, but A/C won't work because of Thermostat, hot water tank, fridge as all those things are board controlled by 12 volts.
    Anyway, any electricians out there that may know of additional things I need to check, let me know. And thanks in advance...... :dead:
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    I just responded to you via the private message that you sent and sent my email address as well. I do believe that you are probably on the right track about what happened.

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    Hi all. just to briefly let ya know what happened. Kirk was great and provided super instructions for troubleshooting my problem. As it turned out, I tripped the fusible link....so after a lot of worry and checking, all I had to do was push the reset side button (long and really skinny) and I now have power. Plugged in the new converter and all is ok now. I really had to look closely to see the reset button on the fusible link......didn't think it was resettable. learned a few things on this one. :) ;) :approve:
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    Re: 12 Volt Power Loss

    Way to go Kirk and Archer! :approve:
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    Re: 12 Volt Power Loss

    Kirk and Archer that is good news to know. I hope I never have to reset mine, but now I know there is a reset button if I ever have to. Thanks :laugh:
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    Re: 12 Volt Power Loss


    You are at the top of my "ask a question" list.

    Glad things worked out and it was a simple (translate inexpensive) fix.


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