14 year old

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by whardi001, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. whardi001

    whardi001 New Member

    what are my chanches with 14 year old fleetwood motorhome shes been stting while . only 16000 mi . engine runs good . may need sone shock or springs. i wonder should i sell her and move on or sink a little money in her
  2. Triple E

    Triple E Senior Member

    Re: 14 year old

    There are a lot of 14 years and older out there. What engine do you have? Shocks are cheaper then a new one. :laugh:
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Re: 14 year old

    Is the MH what you want to RV in(YA I want a Prevost too but I am what I am)? Is it in good shape(not too many things that cost lots of $$$). Then tires, batteries, brakes, hoses and belts on motor, new fluids all around, shocks and springs costs against payments on a newer or better? coach.


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