1970 Duo Therm Model 16MHU pilot light problems

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Forester, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Hello. I am restoring a 1970 Forester camper. It has a Duo Therm heater that is giving me fits! I know that the thermocoupler is working because if I bypass the pilot light and heat up the thermostat then the burners light and boy does the thing heat nice. I have isolated the problem as being the pilot light. I can get absolutely no gas to pass through the pilot light. I have taken it out of the unit, soaked it, sprayed air through it, etc. It has "PCB" and then a "1" stamped on it. Can I get a replacement for this anywhere? I hate to think I am gonna have to throw the whole thing away because I can't get the pilot light to work. I won't run it without the pilot light because that would just be stupid and dangerous. I have the pilot light all the way out of the unit and have disassembled it as far as I can without causing permanent damage. Any suggestions or ideas would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

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    RE: 1970 Duo Therm Model 16MHU pilot light problems

    welcome to the forums Dean
    what model is it ,, and have u called u'r local rv dealer??? they can get about anything u want ,, if u supply a model number and such ,, but if u have no luck let me know ,, i may have a contact that may get u that part ,, and u'r sure that this is the problem ,,, u may have more than just the pilot light ,, it may be a board problem ,,, ;) :) :) :)
    but JMO ;) ;)
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    Re: 1970 Duo Therm Model 16MHU pilot light problems

    I am having the same problem, mostly. How did u get the oven door off? then how to get the pilot tube off and thermocouple?
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    Re: 1970 Duo Therm Model 16MHU pilot light problems

    The Duo-Therm name was purchased by Dometic some time ago and the furnace is no longer manufactured and I doubt that you will find parts for it. That isn't good news, but I do believe that it is accurate. I did find one site with some trouble shooting information on those furnaces. I'm not sure it will be much help, but here it is.

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