1989 Pace Arrow heat problem

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    I get no heat from the main heater up front, fan works and all the pipes leading into the heater coil are hot in and out. There also seems to be a lever that moves the dash adjuster from hot to cold and that seem to work too on the outside of the coil housing.

    Any suggestions what else I could try?

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    RE: 1989 Pace Arrow heat problem

    There are two ways automotive heaters allow heat into the vehicle, one is with a valve that lets hot water enter the core from the engine, the other is a door that opens to allow the heat to go into the vehicle. In this case the core allways has hot water going to it and the door either lets hot air in or keeps it out or mixes hot and cold. Because you say both pipes are hot my guess is you have the door style and its not opening.These are usally controlled by vacume or somtimes a cable.Trace from were the hot cold switch is to this device and see if the door moves when you move the lever. if its vacume make sure you have no leaks.You will have to take some of youre dash apart to do this.Somitimes it not that easy but i hope this helps.If you have any more questions ill be happy to help.Have a nice thanksgiving.
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    Re: 1989 Pace Arrow heat problem

    Does air come from the vents when the fan is on? If so that eliminates any problems with the blower. Have you followed the suggestions from the first response? Let us know what you find and we might be able to help.

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