1995 Kountry Aire

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by ARFFMAN, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Sounds like you have a plan. Post back with some before and after pictures so we can watch your progress. Good luck with the rest of it.:):)

    ARFFMAN Member

    Finaly got the MH titled and registered in my name. It only took 2 months (SC is getting faster) all of roof is sealed and no leaks, all water damaged repaired with new insulation and sub floor. Now, on to engine, hopefully no suprises.

    ARFFMAN Member

    Just a update on progress. Roof leaks are a thing of the past. All mold, water and rot are history. Damaged wall paneling replaced. Subfloor, insulation, (sound/heat)installed. Found some rat damaged on 110 wiring from power converter. Rewired curcuit but lost converter, due to short. I found a 50 amp SurgeGaurd for sell in this Forum Got a great deal (a great insurance policy) Installed a Maxx Vent cover over Fan-tastic fan. All 12 volt and 110 curcuits and appliances checked and work great. Now I've started on the 460 Ford V-8. Checked fuel pump and no power to inerta switch. Power at fuse, power going into Fuel pump relay, but on the ground leg of relay, I have nothing (no ground). Since the MH has been setting since 2006, all proplems, I have found have been bad grounds because corrosion. So I am cleaning up all grounds I can find. If anyone knows of grounding locations on a 1995 F-53 chassis, PLEASE let me know. Found a great place to keep it, Double garage, covered parking and work area in front of garage w/ lift. Parking for MH is on Pavement.

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