1995 Pace Arrow 35 W ???

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thudson, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. thudson

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    I am faily new to RVing and have located at 95 Pace Arrow 35 W at a price of $30,000. It has 49000 miles. I have only seen pictures and talked with the owner. From what I know so far this looks like an exceptionally good deal. So good it makes me leary. If anyone had any thoughts pro or cons on this model I would sure appreciate the expirience and expertise of all of the long time RVers before I commit to the deal. This model had the Ford 460 engine. Thanks for your comments and reply.
  2. Kirk

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    1995 Pace Arrow 35 W ???

    Have you cecked the NADA book or the Kelly Blue book to see what the value they rate this RV at. $30K seems a bit high to me. But I would suggest that you start by checking the listings. They should be available at the local library.
  3. tjvpga

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    1995 Pace Arrow 35 W ???

    Or try going to www.nada.com and click on consumer. We used it a lot during our research. You can have 10 looks per day.

  4. janicenlarry

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    1995 Pace Arrow 35 W ???

    30K seems way high. There are a glut of Class A units advertised on the internet. Also when buying used go for the top of a manufacturers line.
  5. sepisllib

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    1995 Pace Arrow 35 W ???

    I tend to agree with Larry - price seems a little close to low retail (depends upon what there is inside the unit of course).

    And there is a glut of A's on the market - especially gas.

    I looked around for a long time and finally made the deal on a high end coach with diesel and all the amenities and bought it for way less than low average. I ended up paying less than wholesale for the unit.

    If you are in no hurry (and this time of the year who is) - time is on your side.

    Good luck.

    Bill & Judy


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