1996 National Dolphin

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    I recently purchased a 1996 dolphin pusher, the generator is up front and there is a heat shield ( i assume) over the generator below the motorhome dash. Mine looks home made--sheet metal, with foam rubber and the a foil heat shield skin closest to the generator. the foil pulled off restricting the air flow to the generator. Does anyone know what the original design was like? I would like to redo this as designed.

    Thanks, EWE
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    Re: 1996 National Dolphin

    Hi Eensor and Welcome,

    Not sure about your Dolphin, but I do know that they make a great sound shield for generators used in the Marine Industry. It is a special foil lined rubber (fire resistant) with a lead liner that acts as a sound shield. The stuff was around in 96 and you might have it on your coach.....It is very expensive due to the Lead, Foam, Foil sandwich.
    It can be replaced easily but a better bet might be to repair the foil....Will save you a lot of money... :) :) :) :)

    I have seen a few installations that were repaired by just installing a little sheet metal strip over the loose foil. Use sheet metal screws through the foam and sheet metal backing....Real easy to do...

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