1997 GMC 6.5L turbo diesel/horse trailer/camper

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by ili, Aug 8, 2002.

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    I bought a 1997 GMC k3500 6.5L turbo diesel/long bed. The truck says that the GVW is 9200

    wish I was surprised because I thought 1 ton truck could tow more than 8,000lb (as the

    owner's manual says)

    My objective is to have a light camper with a toilet and shower combo, and to tow a 2 horse

    trailer (about 5,000lb with one horse or 6,200 with 2). It will be used off-road.. so it

    also has to be sturdy and stable.

    Is there a light camper (hard or soft top) that you can suggest that is good quality and not

    too expensive and be ok with my objective and within safety limits?
    I was told that my 6.5L is not a "muscle machine" so I am concern with weight and safety towing on mountains.

    Can you suggest what camper is still good quality purchased as used? I would prefer a

    used one in good condition with a cold weather package.

    I looked at the lance lite 815, the Starmate folding from Starcraft, the Sun-lite, and the capri rodeo deluxe. I am

    torned in between the pop-up and the normal camper.. I like to be warm on cold nights (down

    to 20 degrees F)

    Any advise will be highly welcome and comments on the truck/camper/trailer set up..
    Should this truck pull this combo ok in the mountains..?

    I live in Burke, VA

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