1998 Dolphin 36 Foot Almost Purchased????

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by gregolson65, May 3, 2010.

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    I am about to dive into this 1998 Dolphin 36 foot RV. But before I do. I am brand new to this and a couple questions. If anyone has experience in this RV please respond....This RV is very nice. The dealer had a complete makeover inside. He said he paid over $16,000 in makeover.....Kind of hard to believe....It has all wood floors, new leather couch sleeper. only 35,000 miles. 330 hours on gernator....Is this a good buy for $24,700?

    - What type of Demo inspection should I do?
    - Obvious things to look around and inside RV before Demo?
    - What to Demo? (Toilets,Shower, Sink, Stove...etc....)
    - Future maintenance problems to encounter?
    - Preventive Maintenance checklist?
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    RE: 1998 Dolphin 36 Foot Almost Purchased????

    Well, that's a 12 year old RV so depending on how you want to look at it, it's a great deal or terrible deal. Just remember you'll never get your money out of that unit. I have a 1995 Holiday Rambler Endeavor that I bought in 2003. At the time I paid $29,000. NADA says it's worth $9,000 now. But, it's a great motorhome and we love it. It too has had a lot of remodel work done on the interior so it's been heavily updated and it's had a lot of suspension upgrades, custom exhaust, etc. A great road RV. So, if you like the layout and it suits your purpose, but it. Just be aware that there will be things go wrong and you just have to stay on top of those repairs. I've had to replace both AC thermostats and circuit boards (upgraded to digital), some dash controls, brakes and a few other mechanical items. If you can do the work yourself you're way ahead. If you have to pay someone, it's going to cost.

    Look at the tires closely and check the datecodes. If they are over 4 years old, plan on new tires all around. Make sure all systems function exactly as they should and if they don't have the dealer fix them or knock that much off the price.

    When we bought our RV, my wife was really nervous about spending $29,000 on something you drive. I told her that $29g was the price of a newer SUV, and we can go to the bathroom in ours. She felt better :bleh:
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    RE: 1998 Dolphin 36 Foot Almost Purchased????

    Welcome Greg I do not own the same motor home as you are looking at purchasing .but may have some helpful advice. Sound like you are new to RVing and the worst thing about rving is sitting on a hill or on the side of the road with a machanical problem. With any purchase you need to do homework .We all want the best deal,the hard work is finding the best RV this may take a lot of time .When you have found the one that is on the top of your list then find out its history oil changes repairs.and have it viewed and checked by a rv tek and buy a machanic .Not having seen or driven this unit cant comment If this is a good price I ask my self why did it need over $16,000 in renos may not have been looked after by very nice people.Most dealers do notlike to spend that kind of money on an Rv .Does he have any pictures and ask to veiw the work orders ,hope this may help others will have some more to add It is a buyer market now and you just have to be keep looking and you will find the right one Dave.

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