1st dry camp and learning from that

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by jpeterman57, Jun 10, 2009.

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    The kids an I have motor home camped at Jekyll Island, GAs full service campground in a rental, and that was our first 'camper' experience. We caught the bug, bought a TT recently and took it down to the fish pond on the family farm in So. GA for 4 nights on a test camp.

    The first obstacle we had was ANTs! I was prepared with indoor outdoor pump spray and ant granules. I spot treated and went around the trailer and surrounded all the ground entry points with both. This did not deter the ants from going into the kids bunks and everywhere else. We did a lot of spot spraying, but that just seemed to cause detours rather than eliminate. I got some Borax baits and set them about inside strategically. Near the last day they seemed to have died down a little bit regardless of my efforts probably.

    2nd problem was the teenage daughter filled the grey water tank and used most of the water on the first night taking a shower. I had warned her and explained about Navy showers but I didn't think it would be that critical! She was in that bathroom a LONG time and I was fearful. It's a 40 gal water tank. Ended up digging a hole out back and dumping grey water a little at a time into it. Got the youngsters to ferrying water and filling up from the farmhouse 1/2 mile away on 4 wheelers.

    We used the generator way too much at 1st for the box fans we set up under the awning and for TV mostly but settled down to a few hours a day after that. Could cut way back from that usage in retrospect with the inverter which we didn't use. It was quite warm 90s daily but cool 60s at night.

    Seemed like a lot of work getting ready before we left and settling in once there. It also took a while to pack up when we were leaving. I suspect we will get better at it over time so this becomes less of a chore.

    Awesome night time stars away from the big city!

    Can't wait to do it again :)
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    Re: 1st dry camp and learning from that

    Way to go Jeff. Time and camping will work out the little details. Getting the kids especislly girls used to the navy wash will take some doing but hauling water that far should help them understand :laugh: Good luck on the ants. Little buggers are determined and can find food crumbs quick. bet the kids were snacking in the bunks :)
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    Re: 1st dry camp and learning from that

    Good Job Jeff, you will learn more each time you go camping, and the kids will learn to take shorter showers, one idea is to teach them at home also so they will be ready to do it when camping.
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    Re: 1st dry camp and learning from that

    They're smart little buggers and from the 1st hand experience with the water problems I think they learned the lesson....me too. This forum has been invaluable in making that 1st trip less eventful. Thanks to all the experts chiming in on all the issues it's easy to get a good solid consensus on the best approach to tackling them. Wish there was more time in the day to dig into the forums more.

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