1st time RV buyer. Seeking advice on how to purchase a used one..

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by sault11, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I'm looking to buy an RV as soon as possible, hopefully this week. I know I want an A-class. I'm also going to tow my car behind it..It want it to be safe and reliable and only have approx $40 000 to spend... Any advice on which RV's are the best to buy used, where to look, what to look for etc..? I'm an open book and willing to answer any questions that will facilitate the the best advice. Thank you in advance
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    Gas you are into the mid 2000's, like around 2003-6. Diesel low 2000 and into the 90's. All can be good units. You don't give youreslf much time. Have what ever you deside on pro inspected for $300-$500 you will be $$$ ahead and should be no surprises. Look for newer tires and batteries. A very few more $$ in the mid $40's and you can have a early 2000ish two slide diesel in nice shape that would be my choice. Monaco Tiffin Allegro come to mind. Good luck.

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    If you've not done any research, you need to slow down and do so. Are you going to be full time? Are you moving a lot or staying in one place for a long time? Are you "camping" or "glamping"? What length? Do you want slides? So many decisions.

    Look at floor plans. Lots of floor plans. Search the online sites: RVOnline, RVtrader & PPL Motorhomes are good. You can search by price & see what's available for the amount you have to spend.

    One thing you definitely want to check is the age of the tires on any coach you're interested in. It's not a good idea to use tires that are over 7 years old & replacing tires are expensive but not nearly as expensive as a blow out can be. If possible, have an RV inspector go over the coach before you buy. A moho is complex to say the least! Not only do you have the chassis to worry about, you've got electric, plumbing, appliances, heating/cooling, furniture, everything that's in a stick & brick home crammed into a relatively small box. Lots to go wrong!
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    Hey sault11,

    You are a 1st time RV buyer so definitely lot’s a query in mind. A Road safety should always be the first & very important distress when inspecting a recreational vehicle. Look at or check Tires, wheels and axles, floor plans, windows, ceilings, floor Check the cooking range, Check the furnace, air conditioner interior appliances & accessories.
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    Well he never posted back so we don't know what he found.

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