2000 Jetta as my Toad

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by CaliRV, Aug 11, 2007.

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    I want to pull my Jetta behind my Class A Allegro as my Toad. It is a 2000 Jetta VR6 with 5 speed manual transmission. Of course the VW dealer says not to tow it unless I use a Tow Dolly. I thought with the manual transmission, I could tow 4 down and be OK.
    Anybody have a Jetta they are using as a Toad?

    Thx in advance for the help!
  2. Kirk

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    Re: 2000 Jetta as my Toad

    The answer to towing a vehicle with a manual transmission depends upon how that transmission is lubricated. If the lubrication comes from the output shaft, it can be towed. But if it is lubricated by the input shaft then you may well have transmission problems if you do so. There are those who will advise you that any manual transmission can be towed, but I have a friend who owns a transmission shop who does not agree. On the other hand, the Remco website states "The only vehicle that we don't recommend towing is a Suburu." and they list no special equipment for a VW.
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    Re: 2000 Jetta as my Toad

    I agree with kirk ,, the subaru should not be toad 4 down due to the fact that they are all wheel drive and while the front wheels are turning so is the drive shaft to the transfer case ,, witch on subs are not unlockable...
    I my self have toad a 2001 dodge durango 4x4 4 down and a 80 jeep cj 4 down and no probs ,, the cj is manual trans and the durango is automatic but has a neutral on the transfer case ,, which takes all the drive train out of gear ,, the owners manual for u'r vehicle should have some info on towing ,, mine did on the durango ,, it stated that if u wanna tow this vehicle MAKE SURE TRANSFER CASE IS IN NUETRAL...
    Have not had a prob 1 with either vehicle
    Bty welcome to the forum and happy rving :)
    Also i would look into a braking system for u toad ,, it is required in alot of states ,, but to say the least it saves on u'r rv brakes and also really helps out in panic stops
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    Re: 2000 Jetta as my Toad

    This may be way to late but.......I towed a 1990 5 speed Jetta behind my MH 4 wheels flat and I never had a problem. I estimate we towed it for at least 35000 Kl total and we got rid of the Jetta when it had 525000 Kl on it and never had to do any engine or tranny work to it. The VW dealer told me not to tow it 4 wheels down as well. The dealers might be just trying to cover their butts.
    Cheers, Mike.

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