2003 Four Winds Infinity

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by karastag, Jun 13, 2009.

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    We just got this motorhome. It's a 35T. There is a switch above the thermostat that no one knows what it is for, not even the dealer we got it from. Does anyone know what this may be for? Doesn't work any of the lights. It's right behind the refrigerator and I even thought it might be for it's light but it isn't. Don't guess it's that important just don't know what it is for. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Re: 2003 Four Winds Infinity

    I'm having trouble placing the location of the switch when you made these two comments:

    "switch above the thermostat" & "right behind the refrigerator"

    My mind wants to say, "Why is the thermostat behind the refrigerator?" Maybe it's just me. :clown:
  3. karastag

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    RE: 2003 Four Winds Infinity

    Ok, so I'm not good at explaining. It is on the wall beside the refrigerator. There is a booth with the thermostat over it on the wall and right above it is the switch. Same kind of switch that turns on all the lights. In the back bedroom there is a thermostat with a big switch to change the A/C from front to back. So we just don't know what it is for.
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    Re: 2003 Four Winds Infinity

    Do you have a fantastic fan(motorized vent)? If so this could be the switch for it. The thermostat works backward of normal ones you set it for the high temp you wish it to come on and when the coach reach's that temp the fan comes on and evacuates the hot air. Other things it could do is be the 110 vlot switch for the fridge, or the hot water tank.


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