2005 Fleetwood Revolution AIR FILTER

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  1. Spudracer

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    My air filter is close to coming due to be replaced, I just pulled the old one out, but for the life of me cannot find anywhere to buy a new one!

    I went to my nearest Caterpillar dealer, they said it was a Fleetwood part. So I called the fleetwood parts department in Greenville, SC, they said it was not a fleetwood part, and to get one from NAPA or a local Auto Parts store. This thing is sitting in my bedroom floor and is at least 2-1/2 feet tall and about a foot in diameter.

    Has anyone ever changed their air filter? Where do you get one?

  2. Spudracer

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    RE: 2005 Fleetwood Revolution AIR FILTER

    Found the perfect site for all Spartan chassis parts to include all filters, belts, etc...


  3. vanole

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    Re: 2005 Fleetwood Revolution AIR FILTER


    I have used them many times and are a good source. So is the Filter Barn.


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