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    I am purchasing a fifth wheel toyhauler, I have a few choices, fuzion 373 39 footer, raptor 299 33 footer, I have a lifted truck, my bed sits at 62 inches, so how high does the trailer need to be above the bed for clearance? I need to know if my truck can handle the tongue weight of these trailers, if my truck can handle pulling the load, I also have a short box, what is the best hitch to buy,
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    Re: 2005 GMC 2500HD DURAMAX DIESEL

    Most believe you should have about 6+ inches of bed rail clearance. Your truck can "pull" the load but I am afraid the tongue weight will be a little much! My 2007 Duramax has a GVWR of 9200lbs. By the time I hitch my loaded fiver, fill the truck with fuel and the DW, I am at 9400lbs. Still well below the axle rating, tire rating, and GCWR but a little heavier than ideal. I beleive your rig will be much heavier than mine. 19% of your rigs actual weight is a good ballpark figure for what the tongue weight will be. Don't think I have read anything bad about any hitch! I have a Hikacker and it has worked well.

    Best of Luck!
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    Re: 2005 GMC 2500HD DURAMAX DIESEL

    I have a Reese 16K with manual slider. I've never used the slider, except to service it annually and to test that it is still functional. As for bed clearance, I would consider 6 inches a minimum. Your biggest problem, other that the weights listed above is getting your rig level for towing. With a lifted tow vehicle, you will be nose-high unless you take actions to level the system. On a previous rig I had to flip the RV's axles in order to get the setup level. A caution, a nose high or low condition transfers extra weight to the trailer axel affected (IE: Nose High = extra rear axle weight) This will cause towing as well as maneuver and wear issues on the trailer axles. Think twice about this and consider that it is likely gonna cost you $500+ to flip the axles.

    Good luck,

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