2011 fleetwood southwind 36d large slide problems

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by mammawmia, Jun 5, 2011.

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    we have a new rv 2011 fleetwood southwind 36d and the large slide will not retract. Had to pay someone to manually retract it so it could be taken to rv repair that was $500. They said it was too big of a problem for them and now we have to drive it to another state to fleetwood. According to what the repair statement says there is a flaw causing it not to close. It apparently messed up the propane line to the refrig causing a propane leak so we can't use it during the traveling time but it can be used on electric when we get to koa. I just wonder is anyone has had problems with such a new rv and the large slide. Our monitor panel is also not working so we can't see the level of our septic. Unfortunately we have promised to take our grandkids to the beach so we will be using the rv without a gas stove, large slide in and I guess for safety sakes empty the septic daily since the monitor isn't working. I am very disappointed since we bought brand new. I don't know if fleetwood can fix this as I think the slide is too long for the size of the 3 motors that retract it. I think they need to take this one and provide us a new one without the problems.
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    Re: 2011 fleetwood southwind 36d large slide problems

    Hi Mary and welcome to the RVUSA forum. Sounds like you got a real lemon, but thankfully it should still be under warranty. I would make sure the dealer and the manufacturer both know about the problem, by registered return receipt mail, and hold their feet to the fire until they make good all the problems.

    Sorry I can't offer much more than encouragement, but hopefully things will get repaired and get better. Good luck and post back to let us know how you do. :) :)
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    Re: 2011 fleetwood southwind 36d large slide problems

    Welcome to the forum Mary. I feel for you with the problem but these things are not to uncommon on new rvs. $500 to get it retracted manually!!! Was this the dealer that sold it to you? Was it a Fleetwood dealer? How long have you had it? Would like to have more info. I would take it to the dealer I purchased it from and say "fix it". Good luck and keep us posted.

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