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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by gate9869, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I have recently entertained the idea of purchasing a motorhome. After doing some research and reading a bunch of reviews, some good and some bad. I think the Jayco Seneca might be the best to match out needs and in our price range. Towing is a big issue because we plan to haul our boat (7500 pounds) through the mountains. Since the renegade, show hauler, and dyanmax corp are out of our price range it seems that the Seneca is the best bet. I do have a few questions and I am hoping to get some answers !!

    First, I read the 2012 comes with 19" wheels and the 2013 comes with 22.5" wheels, 2012 no air ride or air breaks, but the 2013 does. So my question is how much of a difference will it make. I have never driven a motorhome or big commercial truck. ( I do drive a f-250 lifted every day so I have somewhat or an idea how big vehicles drive)

    Second, We like the larger family room with fireplace and no bunk beds ( no kids YET), but will resale be better with the bunk option?

    Third, Are there any current or previous owners of a seneca that would be able to give a good review. I would like to purchase the right motor home the first time and not have to wish I bought something different next year.

    Fourth, Is it in my best interest to look at the embark also ?

    Thanks for all your help in advance !

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