2015 Forester 3011DS back-end to low and scrapes the ground on a VERY little incline

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by bdwrvusa, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. bdwrvusa

    bdwrvusa New Member

    2015 Forester 3011DS back-end to low and scrapes the ground on a VERY little incline. Cant even drive into a family yard. Has anyone attached heavy duty steel casters to the back scrape bars recently? What are my options since we’re not your typical “RV park” campers. In New England we do a lot of off grid camping and dirt roads. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Are you level when hooked to tow vehicle? You might look at raising block on springs. Not sure how the suspension is on the Forester but if spring mounts on bottom you may switch to top. You do want to keep rv level when hooked to tow
  3. bdwrvusa

    bdwrvusa New Member

    Thanks for the response. Not towing anything. The scrape bars are maybe 6 inches or so above the ground and appear to be designed that way. With the 3011DS (32') Class C and the back end over hang behind rear wheels, when I try and go up/down a short incline the back end scrapes. Ill look into the springs to see if that's a possibility, which will probably be expensive to have modified. Very disheartened at the moment but love the rv otherwise.
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Sorry I was thinking the rv was a travel trailer LOL So just disregard what i said in previous post. This old mind works slow sometimes, well most times now. Pretty common with the MH to drag so just have to be real careful and watch where you are going. I know even a lot or service stations have drops you have to watch for.
  5. McKannick

    McKannick New Member

    With a rig as long and low as that one, not sure just scrape wheels will help that much. May have to research some kind of lift kit for it, possibly adjustable 'air lift' shocks or airbags that go inside coil springs or above leaf springs, depending on what the rig is equipped with. Try to travel as light as possible, extra weight will make it sit even lower. Search under chassis maker name for air lift kits.

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