30 amp main gets hot

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by marie00043, May 29, 2011.

  1. marie00043

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    can someone tell me if they have had the same problem as me. the only thing i run is my air and hot water heater. it puts 19.6 volts together. the problem is my 30 amp main is staying hot? anyone else have a problem like that
  2. akjimny

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    Hi Marie and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. We need some more clues in order to help you more effectively. What kind of RV do you have and "30 amp main" what is getting hot?

    If your air conditioner and (electric?) water heater are both factory installed, nothing should be overheating, provided the manufacturer did everything right. Post back and we'll take a stab at it. :) :)
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    You also have a battery charger running in the background. That will pull around 10 amps. There is your 30 amp draw and the breaker will get hot. They usually won't "brake" till around 31 or 32 amps, but it will be warm. You need to check your amp. draw at the pole in the campground. I bet it is more than you think. Your refer is pulling 3...is you TV on? Coffee pot? Curling Iron? Hair Dryer? What I am saying is...it adds up fast.

    You can quickly save around 10 amps by putting your water heater on gas. I KNOW what you thinking....no, it does not burn much gas. Just sounds like it.
  4. Guest

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    good point Ken ,, one other thing ,, ck and make sure ur coverter fan is working ,, but that depends on what type converter u have ,, as ken said ,, it (the breaker ) may get hot ,, when u use alot of stuff at once ,,but if ur shore cord end is getting hot ,, as ken said ,, might have a problem at the pedestal ,, JMO :) :) :)
  5. Cruzincat

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    An infrared (laser) thermometer might be a good tool to have on hand to check your connections to make sure you don't have a loose one. A loose connection can cause heat to build up. This is usually how electrical fires get started. The prices for laser thermometers have come down considerably over the last couple years. It goes without saying, be careful with the power still on and the connections exposed.
  6. Kirk

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    Do you really mean 19.6 volts, or amps? The voltage should be 120V so I'd guess that you mean amps. What is getting hot? I am an electrician and if you mean the power panel, that is not normal and a very bad thing. If you mean the power cord, then warm is normal but too hot to hold your hand on it is not normal. If you mean the plug on the cord, it could very well be a bad plug, or one with loose connections inside.

    To give a valid answer we need to have a lot more information. It is safe to say that anything getting really hot is a bad thing with electricity.
  7. LEN

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    Re: 30 amp main gets hot

    Taking a quick stab. Check the screws on the breaker itself. Of course turn off all power(unplug) first then check tightness of all breaker screws. Other thing is there is more running than you think.


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