35 ft or 40 ft?

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    not sure if this is the correct place for thisquestion but since i am prepairing to buy my first rv.......................

    about us

    late 30s me and my wife no kids - wife is severly ill with neurological disease - we dont know how long she has!
    currently in a wheel chair - she has been stuck in bed and stranded alone while i work 10 to 12 hour days 6 days a week for to long - time to fullfil one of her dreams b4 its to late - we want to go full time

    we have been shopping for a while but timing hasnt been there

    trying to choose between :

    class A
    american coach tradition 2002 40'

    cost 130k

    obviously has evrything we want but - conserned with 40' coach being to large to go everywhere we want to go
    with my wifes condition we will want to get as close to the scenery and widerness as we can

    class a
    tiffin allegro bay 2008 35'

    cost 139k

    has w/d and all we want - but even though its a diesel im concerned with the engine in front and long term ware- i also hate to buy new cuz of depreciation - i know the tradtion is much better but we want to have acess to state parks and wilderness and would like to be able to drive roads like the blue ridge parkway

    class C diesel
    Senaca 2006 35' with custom added w/d in closet area

    cost 100k
    more familiar to drive- cost less so gives us more money to travel - easy to get on curvy roads - realy is perfect for us but im severly concerned with the lack of storage in comparison to a class A - and also worried about water compacity with w/d and only a 65 gallon fresh water tank - since it takes 20 gallons to do a load of wash

    we do want to dry camp alot - for this reason we have gone away from the 40" coach even though it really is the most for the money - we also thought to go with the 35ft to allow us to stay in state parks - we dont want to feel like our RV is parked in a parking lot - will a 35' coach give us considerably more options to park in private setting

    privacy privacy privacy - we want to feel like we are camping - camp fires and marsh mellows but with running water and toilet
    problem is i love - i mean love the american coach line but im worried about restricting the places we can go to get that private nature type setting that most of the Rv parks seem to not have (or atleast the ones i have seen)
    they have RVs squeezed in as tight as the can - it looks like an RV sales lot to me

    any advise????????????????
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    RE: 35 ft or 40 ft?

    well in my opinion ,, i would go with the 35fter ,, i own a 40 foot alegro bus ,, and yes some parks have limited size ,, of the rv ,, the 35fter should fit all u'r needs ,, but then again if u like the class c ,, then i would say that one ,, it is smaller and since it's just the 2 of u ,, my be more suited for u ,, as far as water goes ,, i think that if u watch u'r water usage u should be ok ,, but most state parks and stuff have a water fill station,, but since i don't hardly dry camp anymore ,,, i'm not to sure about this water subject 100%
    But hey ,, i tried
    And welcome to the forum ;) :) :)
  3. bagabones73

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    RE: 35 ft or 40 ft?

    thanks for the welcome - have you ever been in anything smaller and traveled along way? i never have - im worried a class C wont give me enough storage space to live say 6 motns on the road -

    will the 40 fter limit me a lot campaired to the 35 fter in where i can go? is it that big of difference?

    anyone ever been on the blue ridge with a coach?

    gosh the 40' american is so much more luxurious in comparison and i know its more quality and will last - i also know i wont take as big a hit on depreciation - but i cant figure how much of a difference it makes driving on winding narrow roads
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    Re: 35 ft or 40 ft?

    I had a 38' Diplomat and recently traded up to a 43' Dynasty. I havn't run accross anyplace I have not been able to get into. Some have been tight and have had to find alternate space to park the TOAD (twice). With the 43' I have not attempted any state parks as of yet. With the Dip I frequented them

    Hope you are looking at wheelbase length also. Shorter wheelbase (though not usually on a 35' or larger) you may experience porposing (fore/aft movement) of the M/H while traversing the interstate. Not sure you Mrs will tolerate that well.

    I have travelled the Blue Ridge Parkway in both coaches and have not problems.

    Myself I would go with the American. You won't even know you are driving something tha big after the first few hundred miles.

    Feel Free to PM me if you have any questions.

    Very Respectfully,

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