5th Wheel generators???

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by SelahRVAngel, Jan 4, 2011.

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    My husband and I are going to be going full time in either a Class A or a 5th Wheel. The problem is that in looking at 5vers online we have not seen generators in all of them - or any info that there is one. Is this silly to ask? but do they all have generators or do some of them not have generators?

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    Re: 5th Wheel generators???

    MOST 5th wheels will not have generators. Some can be ordered with them, but it is usually the high end market. I have a customer who is selling a Prairie Schooner with a generator right now. It is a 2007 model with 4 slides. Very nice trailer.

    Now, a lot of trailers can have generators added, but you have to be sure to vent them properly and you need to have a fuel source that is safe. You can get generators that run on LP or Gas. LP, in my opinion is easy to deal with because you don't have to deal with getting gasoline into a tank or carrying it around.

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