5th wheel towing with 4X4

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by waterdog, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. waterdog

    waterdog New Member

    I would like to tow my 5th wheel with a 4X4 but it looks like they all have a very high bed and would tilt the front of the trailer up too much and put all the load on the rear trailer axle overloading the tires on that axle. Any comments from people who are towing with 4X4s? waterdog
  2. Gruffy

    Gruffy New Member

    5th wheel towing with 4X4

    ;) Depends on your 5er. Mine tows level on a 4x4. The pin on my truck is about 48to 49 inches off the ground. How high is your 5er??
  3. Just BeClaus

    Just BeClaus New Member

    5th wheel towing with 4X4

    depends my 5th wheel pin is adjustable up and down I had to bring mine up to level trailer. See if that will work
    Just BeClaus

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