5Th wheeler conversion

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Coasties, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Coasties

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    Wanting to purchase a 5th wheeler but would like to convert the guts of the unit to australian standards. Wanting to have the entry on the opposite side. Has anyone have thoughts on this?

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    RE: 5Th wheeler conversion

    first off ,, welcome ,,
    I have done alot of remodels on tt's and mostly MH's ,, but i have never done what u are asking about ,, not saying it could not be done ,, but might be more $$$ due to what u would have to put in the place of the old door ,, and if i may ask ,, why on the other side ??? just asking ;) :) :)
  3. big bilko

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    RE: 5Th wheeler conversion

    If he is converting to australian standards it stands to reason that he is in Australia, and wants to get out the side without the traffic. but with a fifth wheeler it should not be an issue like it is in an RV. We have a door each side on our Coachman and always use the dangerous door (with care of course)Because of the height variation.Regards BIG BILKO :) :) :)

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