6 speed vs 12 speed transmissions

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by CAC RV, May 17, 2009.

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    I am in the market for a high end 45ft coach, the models I have been interested in come with very powerful diesel engines, approx 600 hp and 1900 ft-# of torque. I will be towing a stacker trailer with a payload of approx 6 tons (two vehicles plus gear). These coaches have an option of a 12 speed ZF transmission or the standard 6 speed tranny.

    My question is to the experts out there - is it worth purchasing the 12 speed tranny when there is that much torque and hp in the coach and would I notice the better performance? Also would the 12 speed reduce ride comfort with all that shifting?
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    RE: 6 speed vs 12 speed transmissions

    I can tell you what I know. The 12-speed is a manual transmission with automated controls adapted to it. It still has to pull the engine out of fuel to change gears. The six speed is a fully automatic transmission with a torque converter and no power interrupts to the wheels when changing gears.
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    Re: 6 speed vs 12 speed transmissions

    Im sold on the 6 speed then, thanks

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