'87 WINNEBAGO CHIEFTAN 27........ TV antenna??? REPOST

Discussion in 'Classics' started by losangelespat, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    This is a Re-post of a thread I put up in "Class-A"

    Need some assistance...

    Have a Winnebago Chieftain 27, made in 1987.....
    Am trying to hook up my cable TV antenna through the existing roof connection.... (old antenna screws into the roof)
    My problem is.... where is the termination on the inside of the motorhome ????

    With the replies I got from my other thread... well, they all have NEWer MH's... :(

    I have found a cigarette lighter 12v setup... but, no antenna connection...

    I have a crank-up antenna AT the door.... but, it doesn't terminate in the cupboard near it...

    Any help would be appreciated....

  2. JimE

    JimE Senior Member

    My 93 Winnebago brave had all of the connections behind the TV.
  3. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    This '87 did NOT come with a TV.... if it did, I could find the connections.....
    It's nice that you guys are trying to help.... BUT I need help from someone who actually HAS an '87 Chieftan 27. or HAD one....
    The newer ones OR ones with built-in TV's don't help me....
    Thanks... PAT
  4. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    If it did not have a tv, doubt that it has a connection.
  5. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    It HAS an external roof-top antenna..... with crank on inside roof.....
    It HAS external connections for Cable In and Antenna Out......
    THEREFORE.... unless Winnie's had money just throw around... installing antennas.... external connectors....

    So far this Forum has had NO answers.... at least to the DIRECT question I asked....
    THE YEAR IS 1987.... WINNEBAGO CHIEFTAN 27......

    I really don't need to know
    "it's behind the TV"..... "on my 1992"..... etc.....

    I need an answer from someone who KNOWS..... not a guessed answer....
  6. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Well sorry I answered and wasted your time. The only reason I said or implied it was where your tv was SUPPOSED to be is that is where I ASSUMED it would be. I still dont understand why they installed an attenna if it has NEVER had a tv inside. I would say that maybe someone has remodled the inside but "I know you don't want opinions". Now if you want to bring it to me I will find it for a charge of course.
  7. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    lol..... :)
    I just keep getting answers..... wrong ones :(.... lol
    Need to get a hold of someone who has one.....
    And older MH's didn't come with built-in TV's..... at least the "Fords & Chevy's" didn't
    AND Alabama is just a wee bit far.....
  8. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Who knows ? I may be parked near you.
  9. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    and we those of us that DONT know helps keep your post current and maybe someone that has one will see your post. If there are no answers to your post it will be lost in ciber space
  10. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    you could be parked next to me....IF you're in a California State Park.... on the Coast.... MH is in Bolsa Chica right now... moving to Ventura after the Holiday.....
  11. gdm1965

    gdm1965 Junior Member

    Your T V connections are behind the mirror in the back bedroom only one there is in mine. Button on top pulls down for tv to set on hope this helps
  12. gdm1965

    gdm1965 Junior Member

    My tv connections are behind the mirror in bedroom pull mirror down and it is a platform for tv
  13. losangelespat

    losangelespat Junior Member

    Thank you..... found it.... and posted in thread... or so I thought... and going to check for mirror/shelf.. my connectors are in ceiling...
    NOW got to get my "backfire" relay or the vacumn switch that activates it..... ANOTHER big story with obsolete, not-made-anymore parts... lol
  14. wizard1000

    wizard1000 Junior Member

    I found mine under the radio console, black panel between carpet and bottom of dash console... Makes perfect sense, 12 volt power supply close by and that huge dash as the place to set your TV...
  15. Samaran

    Samaran Junior Member

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