96 Fleetwood Southwind electrical issues

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by badrandy, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. badrandy

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    Hi All,

    The last time I used my RV for the year in the Fall of 2007, the generator ran but would not put out any juice. When I took it out for he first time in the Spring of 08, the generator ran fine, put out electric and worked fine the entire season. The last time I used it in the Fall of 08, the generator did the same thing, ran fine, no juice.

    Another issue, which may be unrelated, reared it's head during the middle of Summer 08. The coach batteries stopped charging whether I had the RV plugged in or the generator running. The coach batteries are 2 years old, I keep them filled with distlled water and charge fine with a trickle charger when plugged into shore power.

    Two weeks ago I had the generator repaired at the local Onan dealer. For $700 they cleaned the slip rings and installed a new voltage regulator. I took the RV on a one day trip last week and the generator worked fine for two hours in the morning. That night on the way home, all electrical issues returned. The generator ran fine ran fine but no juice, and the coach batteries went dead aftet a full (12 hour) day.

    I am taking the RV back to the Onan dealer tomorrow. I believe the issues are unrelated but does anyone have any thoughts or what might be the issue with the coach batteries?

    Thanks, Brad
  2. rjf7g

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    Re: 96 Fleetwood Southwind electrical issues

    The cable that connects the converter to the house battery on our 1992 Tioga was rusted and broke. The battery would take a direct charge and hold it for awhile, even powering the 12V appliances. However, it wouldn't charge when plugged in to 30A or running down the road. It sounds like you have something tricky like this going on.
  3. hamdave

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    Re: 96 Fleetwood Southwind electrical issues

    You don't really need to post the same thing in two different places.
    On your genny, do you have some kind of OL protection anywhere that might be tripping and then auto-resetting ??

    As rjf7g indicated, check your batt connections, rusty connections would cause batt's not to charge properly or at all.
    good luck,
  4. badrandy

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    Re: 96 Fleetwood Southwind electrical issues

    Sorry about posting twice, I did not know. I did not see anything obvious on the coach battery cables, but will double check all connections and look into the OL protection. I plan on checking the outputs on the converter with a multimeter. Unfortunately it is in a very difficult spot to reach. Thanks to both of you for the replies and ideas!

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