99 Jayco Designer 3610 XL

Discussion in 'Towables' started by 6.0ghost, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I found a 99 Jayco Designer 3610XL that got a hole in roof above bedroom area. It has water damage to ceiling in bedroom. Guy selling it says make an offer. I have found a few online pricing around 15,000 to 17,000 for same year model. Anyone have any sugestions as to what to offer? Its not really that bad looking and Im just assumeing that repair/replacement of roof and ceiling panels will get it back into working order. How much does damage like that really effect the value of a RV?
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    Re: 99 Jayco Designer 3610 XL

    I don't know about pricing but I would like to offer you some abvice about repair problems with the water damage. I own a Gulfstream Conquest MH that had a leak around the front window by the bed in the class C. I paid to have this window taken out & the seal replaced and the wood that had rotted under where the mattress sits. The guy did a good job on the but apparently it had also leaked into the wall around the side window also & has rotted the wood under the fiberglass wall. Leaks on rvs are tricky & I don't think you ever find all of the damage until it is too late. The leak can be on the roof but water can sneak down into a wall & rot the support beams & other places. Just a hint-buyer beware. I learned the hard way.
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    IMO ,, i would not offer anywhere close to what the going rate is ,,due to the fact of the water damage ,, IMO i would offer about 3 to 4 grand for it ,, due to the fact that it will run about that to fix what is seen and not seen ,, as Blueeyes said ,, and i have seen it along with few others on here ,,, the damage will be greater than u will ever really know ,, until it shows it self in one way or another ,, but the price i told u is if u are really wanting this unit ,, i would ,, IMO run far and run fast ,, not worth it ,, unless u can do it all u'r self ,, IMO :) :)

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