A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Luv2camp, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Luv2camp

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    We have been searching the market for a new Pop-Up. I am leaning towards the Jayco Quest 12 A. When I inquired about a/c at a dealership, the sales manager told me he thought air in a pop-up was a waste of money. I was taken aback since they usually try to "sell you the family farm and then some" :laugh: He said that he and his family camped for 11 years in a pop-up and he knows this from experience. I was hoping some of you might be able to give me your opinion on whether you think the extra $850 for air is a neccesity. We live in Southeastern Indiana and are prone to humid summers. Years ago we had a 26 ft. TT with air and I must admit we used the air but not very much. We are big on Spring and Fall camping. Hope someone can help!!!

  2. Gary B

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    A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

    Hi Lori, we have a pickup camper and no air, in the spring and fall there isn't a big need for it, but during the summer there are times it would really be nice. I think what the salesman is saying is an air conditioner on a pop-up with fabric sides may not be real effective, and maybe agood fan such as a Fanstatic vent fan maybe be good and alot cheaper. I really cann't say for sure as I have never had a pop-up, but with a hard side TT I feel a air conditioner is a good investment. Good luck in the search. :) :approve:
  3. C Nash

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    A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

    Hi Lori,
    We had a pop up with air and I would never have another without but, we live down south with the heat and humidity. We stayed outside most of the time but, really made it nice for eating and sleeping. Not very effective like Gary mentioned but also helps block out outside noise such as traffic. Don't know why but the ac sound does not bother me. Don't pay to much attention to the salesman, most have never even camped :laugh:
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    A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

    Hi Lori,

    Last May I purchased a Coleman Grand Tour Bayside Elite and had an AC installed. I mainly bought the AC for my dogs so they wouldn't suffer on the hotter days when camping. If it was just me I don't think I would have purchased it at that time. However after camping when it was 90 and very humid the AC was nice to have and I said I would never buy a camper without one. If it is within your budget and you hate sleeping in a ton of heat and humidity I would suggest buying it. On the hottest day the camper’s temp was about 75 with the AC going on its max setting.

    One thing to consider too is where you camp and the type of electrical service they have. I believe most AC units require 30-amp service to run effectively. They will run on lower amp circuits but will run hotter and if enough people are using them then it is lights out at the campground. A couple places I was at last year lost power several times during the heat waves since they only provided 15/20-amp service. The 30 amp and above campgrounds were fine.

    Good luck and happy camping!

  5. Luv2camp

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    A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

    Thanks to you all for your input! I especially liked Chelses comment about not paying attention to the salesmen!! :laugh: I definitly will check into the Fantastic Vent Fan Gary mentioned. Having a nine year old and a six year old and a 36 year old, (oh, that's my husband) ;) it probably would make sense to perhaps get air "just in case". It would be awful to have a camping trip ruined due to hot, sticky weather with no "coolness" to escape to! :dead: I couldn't imagine how hot Steve's camper would have been had he not had a/c on that hottest day. Thanks again to you all!
    Happy camping! -Lori :)
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    A/C in a Pop-Up, To Have Or Not To Have?

    We had a pop-up without AC for years. We had to cut a couple of trips short because of extremely hot and humid weather that made sleeping unbearable (we hate the heat). Swore we'd get an AC on top of the next pop-up, but went to Class C instead.

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