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Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by pmc181, May 20, 2008.

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    My wife and I are just starting to research buying a used RV. We are pretty sure that we want a Class C 21 to 24 foot motorhome with a slide out. We live in Texas where that normal temp is 95 degrees and 95% humidity. I have seem some options in A/C units. Some RV's have one a/c, some have two a/c, some are open and some are ducted. Any recomendations on these options pro or con?

    Thanks :)
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    Re: A/C Options

    Welcome to the forum!

    Our Winnie is fine with one A/C unit. Sometimes we turn a fan on inside while it is cooling down, but it doesn't have a problem keeping up. Shade is the best accessory you can buy, though.

    You probably won't find two A/C units in a 30 amp RV. That would use too much of the electricity meant for the other appliances.

    How would you make your popcorn while you are waiting for your RV to cool down? :clown:
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    Re: A/C Options

    I would go with the ducted A/C if it's available. It's kind of like central air vs. a window unit.

    Cheers !
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    Re: A/C Options

    Thanks for the replys!
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    Re: A/C Options

    A 24 foot RV shouldn't be too hard to cool. My little 26 Lexington cools right down with one A/C.

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