A & E Awning

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Jim C, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Does anyone have the direct A & E Awning web site URL?
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    A & E Awning

    Thanks Kirt, just what I wanted.

    FYI, my question to them was:

    I have a Weather Pro awning that I like and my wife just loves. I no longer have to hear her ask me to put out or put in the awning. She can do it!

    I do have one small problem with the awning; it sticks out too horizontal, not mutch slope for rain water drainage. Up until last weekend I thought this was normal.

    My motorhome is a 2005 Dolphin LE that was made in June of that year. Last weekend I saw the same model motorhome and awning only it was a 2006. I noticed that the awning had a mutch better slope. I compaired it with mine and found that arm lengths and pivot points have been changed. I liked it!

    My question to you is: Can I modify mine (I have a drill press and snap ring tools) to come close to the improved slope? Or, is there a retro-fit kit that I can get?

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