A few more questions

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    This site is great---several people got back to me the very next day on my previous questions. I have more questions if you don't mind. It was suggested to me to never pay more than 80% of the MSRP. (I did get a copy of that form from the dealer.) The top MSRP says 9,363.00 then there is a list of options building the price to 11,314.00 (Unit total). After that two more prices: destination charge 1081.00 and dealer prep 495.00. Grand total 12,890.00. which price do I go by to figure 80%? What is a destination charge and dealer prep anyway? This is a brand new 2002 model on the lot. Thanks again for answering so many questions. Sessy
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    A few more questions


    Destination Charge: Supposedly what it cost the dealer to ship the unit from the factory.

    Dealer Prep: Supposedly what it cost the dealer to do what he does (Wash, clean insides, etc) when the unit arrives.

    You take the 20% off the final price: 12890.00 X .20 = 2578 12890 – 2578 = 10312. You should try to pay as close to $10312 as you can get.

    Hope this helps.

    Enjoy the trip

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    A few more questions

    If you try and be stearn you can get them down to 75% of MSRP. If not the dealer you are considering one that may have the same coach on his lot. Good luck and let us know what you end up with.

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