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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by icjax812, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Hi all!! I am so glad I found this forum!

    We recently purchased a 1984 Sunline 23 ft (I believe). It's in great condition, but dated. Not much paperwork came with it. How do I find out how much it weighs?

    Everything seems to be working well on it so far, but we haven't been able to test out the sewer part. Any suggestions of something we should do or a product we should use when we test it for the first time?

    Next question is regarding towing. I have a 2003 Honda Pilot which says the towing capacity is 3500 lbs. My husband has a 2003 F150 which has towed the TT thus far. The only problem with the F150 is that it only seats 3 and there are 5 of us. Is adding a tow package to the Pilot a reasonable idea? The man wants to upgrade his truck but the finish line for having both vehichles paid off is within sight. Taking 2 vehicles every time we want to go camping seems like a huge pain, a lot of gas money and kinda defeats the purpose of family time. And do we NEED a swaybar?

    We haven't camped in the camper yet as I want to do some updating before we roll. 1984 called and they want their brown and orange plaid seat cushions back. Have I lost my mind to think I can actually paint over the wallpaper in this camper? I know I would need to prime it with an oil based kiltz first. But is this really gonna work or will I end up ruining the walls? And is laying tile on the "backsplash" kitchen area a do-able idea? I'm just not sure what all those kind of walls can handle. Any good suggestions for flooring?

    I'm sure I sound like an over ambitious newbie. lol I'm not new to camping, I'm just new to camper remodeling. I've always wanted to redo a camper and really make it my own rather than the standard from the factory kinda thing. I had that and it was nice. I've already tackled my first project which was the fridge. I took the fridge door off and decoupaged it with a whole bunch of Carribbean pictures. It turned out awesome! It looks like a piece of art.

    The camper is in excellent condition for a 1984 model. Technically we could camp in it as is. But I like a challenge and it's like a giant canvas for my creative side. And since the housing market sucks, I've decided to become a camper flipper. lol

    I know it's a lot of random questions, but I will be grateful for any feedback I can get!

  2. LEN

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    Got time for 1. Don't think the Pilot will do, I have a 4runner, about the same class rig, and when I put 2500# of trailer behind it it ssluggish. Add a 1000# for your trailer and 4 people plus what you will add in the Pilot and it would be OK for VERY short trips but not much else. Best bet would be update the pickup with a crewcab and more power and at least a 250-3/4 ton. JMO

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    You should be able to get the weight of the trailer off the title or there is a label in the kitchen area, usually inside a cabinet door. Look for the UVW...that is Unit Vehicle Weight. The GVWR that so many people look at is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating...or what the tires and axles CAN carry. Usually you will never get close to that figure.

    Len...a 3/4 ton to pull a 23' trailer? Really??? Sorry, but there are a LOT of 1/2 ton trucks that can tow this with ease. I would take a guess at this trailer weighing around 5,000lb. 1/2 ton trucks are rated to tow 10,000 and more these days. I will agree that a 3/4 would be nicer...but not needed at all.

    Do you 'need' a swaybar...I doubt you need it..but for about 60.00, it is cheap insurance. If your going to tow great distances, I would recomend it, if your staying local...probably not. NOW, you may need a light Load Leveling Hitch...600lb bars at the most. You can get a Reese Pro System for around 300.00.

    You can paint the walls, but keep in mind that if your going into this to "flip" this trailer, some folks may not have the same tastes as you and a LOT will like it orginial. So it is up to you.

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