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    I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I thought everyone should know about a great RV dealer I happened to find and luckily wound up buying a Great Rockwood 8285SS 5th Wheel Trailer from, in Seguin, Texas.
    The name of this Outstanding company is Explore U.S.A. in Seguin.
    I have been shopping for a larger trailer for years now, but all the prices were too high, but here at this
    outstanding company, they had 'by far' the best prices on used RV's, they gave me Outstanding service on the trailer I ended up buying from them.
    All of their people have Great attitudes, and extremely friendly while helping you find the right rig for your purposes and monetary situation.
    Explore U.S. A. in Seguin Texas must be a Very Well Kept Secret, and I feel very fortunate for finding them and then buying our trailer there, and I feel obligated to let everyone that is looking to buy or trade, know about them.
    Ben, the manager there, has really rounded up a great bunch of fine folks to help customers.
    Jus thought you'd like to know.......
    Again, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong category.
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    That sounds good. I hope that you still feel this way after you have owned it for a couple of years!
  3. krsmitty

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    Re: A GREAT TEXAS RV Dealer

    Sounds like a commercial...lol
  4. Bounder Boy

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    Re: A GREAT TEXAS RV Dealer

    Those were my thoughts exactly Ken.......... If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't :cool:
  5. OlePhart11

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    Re: A GREAT TEXAS RV Dealer

    No, I wholeheartedly believe if I am treated fairly by a company, I will let others know.
    And, by the same token, if I am not treated fairly by a company, I will let it be known, also.

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