A Ton of Questions from a Want-A-Be

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by millsg, May 19, 2009.

  1. millsg

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    My wife and I are considering purchasing a 5th wheel or TT. I currently own a 2005 Chevy 1500 extended cab with a 4.8 V8. I believe it is rated for 6800lbs. I love the truck, it only has 25,000 miles on it (I have a 1989 farm truck I put most of my miles on). In spite of the 6800lbs rating, I am thinking about a rv in the 4500lbs ranges since we love to camp in the mountains. I know this knocks out most 5ers. The wife and I think we like units that have a rear living area with two recliner type chairs and one slide; however these tend to outside my self imposed limit of 4500lbs. Smaller units (25 - 27 footers) will have the slide, be under 4500lbs but not have the rear living area. Here are my questions.

    1) Is the rear living area that nice of feature especially if you like spending time out of doors?

    2) Is my thinking regarding the self imposed 4500lbs logical (considering my current truck)?

    3) Should I be thinking about a new truck and rv?

    4) Would it be better to keep the current truck (add a few features like a transmission cooler) and maybe sink additional money into one of the newer lighter units that tend to cost a little more?

    5) If you suggest a new truck, what features should I look for (please be specific as to things like, engine size, transmission ratios, transmission brands, transmission coolers, etc.)
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    Re: A Ton of Questions from a Want-A-Be


    Get a 2500 chevy with a 8.1 , it will tow alot. Had a over 30ft airestream and did not know it was even there.

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    RE: A Ton of Questions from a Want-A-Be

    I have a 2005 ford f150 5.4l 3v that ford claims can tow 7500lbs. My wife and I bought a 28' camper that wights 5500lbs . We also do lots of moutain camping and It will not be long before we need a new truck. This poor truck works it's a## off when i hit the hills. I should have listen to some of the people on this forum they know what they are talking about . If your going to hit the moutain trails your going to need a bigger truck
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    Re: A Ton of Questions from a Want-A-Be

    I agree with Dalebear, I have had a 2500HD 8.1 Chevy with a Alison transmission. I will say that you will not know it is back there. I pulled a 28' Sunny Brook. I now have a MH but if I didn't I still would have that truck. But I will also say that Dodge 2500 Diesel make a good truck for towing.... BUT STAY AWAY FROM FORD 6.0 DIESEL,,,,, THEY ARE BAD NEWS. Good luck on camping :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: A Ton of Questions from a Want-A-Be

    Since this was posted on 5/19 I wonder if the replies are not a little bit late?

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