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    I'm looking at coming to USA and buying a travel trailer (we call them caravans in OZ).I've looked at heaps of manufacturers sites but cannot find any sites that have an index for the abbreviations latched to a travel trailers eg 23RBK, 23BHD etc - does anyone know where I can find a site that clearly explains all of these. Thanks
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    Re: abbreviations

    Hi Steve and welcome to the RVUSA forum. Those are manufacture's unique designations they made up on their own. Generally, the numbers equal the length in feet and the letters indicate the interior layout. Generally! ! :laugh: :laugh:

    So, a 23RBK "MIGHT" be a 23 foot long RV with a rear bath. Maybe some of the other folks in the forum can come up with better info. Good luck and let us know how things's go.

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