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    I might be in the wrong area here , but anyway I need to know why my ABS light came on. It all started when I was at the Atlanta race track, when I went to park the MHmy brake pedal went to the floor,(only once)but it came back up and the light came on. I have a full pedal of breaks, but the master cylinder was low in fluid so I was able to put in a full bottle of DOT 3 Type of break fluid. I hope this all it was. SO how do I reset the ASB light?
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    Hollis, the ABS (Antilock Brake System) light came on because you had a fluid loss in your brake system. You need to find out where the brake fluid went, get it fixed, then have a code scanner check the system and it should reset the light. Be careful until you find out why you lost the brake fluid in the first place.
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    Jim that was my thinking also. I talked to Rod about this and he also said loss of fluid would do it. I have checked all wheels and no signs of break fluid on any wheels. I do think it had never been ck, I know since I have owned it I never really check it , just looked at it and it looked OK. But now I will go and do better checking
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    I don't the ABS light is anything serious and could be nothing more than a short. The ABS light in my Coachmen Freelander has been on for months. I just ignore it.
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    I dont think you should ignore the ABS light. It's there for a reason and you probably don't have ABS braking system that is working. Yes, you do have regular brakes like we used to have that worked for years. On the V10 Ford it is most likely a wheel sensor. Only way to find out is to hook up to the computer and get the code. Having said this, mine is on :eek: :laugh:

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