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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Spudracer, Sep 6, 2008.

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    We are still in the process of closing on an 06' Fleetwood Revolution and I am curious how hard (easy) is it to add interior lighting? We have a 3yo and an 11 month old (both daughters), and we put them to bed by 8:30 to 9pm. The lighting in the Revolution is mostly fluorecents on the ceiling. I would like to add a series of small incandecent or halogen lights at strategic spots around the coach of the RV, all run through a dimmer switch so I can tone down the lighting at night after the kids go to sleep without having the coach completely dark. With the lights on, it is way too bright, but with them off it is way too dark.

    I was also looking at installing a spotlight on top of the front cab.

    My question is this, how hard is it to run wiring above the ceiling. How does one do it? Coathangers? How do you run them down to the wall to install a light switch? Is it impossible, should it be left to a professional? Or can a well equipped do-it-yourselfer accomplish it?

    If I may be so bold to ask one more question... Is there a good way to hang pictures on walls inside an RV short of drilling or pounding holes? Does double-sided tape such as the foam like 3M makes work well? I want to hang pictures, but hate to mess up the walls with hole. If done with holes, you can't change your mind and move them without leaving an ugly mess.

    Thanks for the great site and great responses.

    Bryson City, NC
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    Re: Adding interior lighting

    Tom, this doesn't exactly answer your question, but it is one that I've been working out for a while. I am working on installing LED lighting in mine to replace the 12v tungsten undercabinet lighting. There are plenty of sources for these available, and you can get enough spot light if you choose carefully. LED lighting is inherently spot lighting with diffusers installed to make it less than spot. You can get dimmable systems, but you may not need that if you choose the right locations for your lights.

    Just an idea: you probably already have 12v wiring running through your walls, floors and cabinets. If you can find lighting that includes remote control, then all you will need to have available is power. You wouldn't have to run wires to wall-mounted switches.

    For your pictures, they make a 'track' system for hanging 'stuff' that places the track in the wall to ceiling corner. A small wire hangs down from there to mount the 'stuff' at whatever height you desire. (Usually, holes in the corner area can be made invisible easier than holes in the wall.)

    Now, my take on that would be to 'attach' a 'hook-or-something' into that corner area and drop down from there with strong fishing line. The fishing line will be clear and strong. You can use a piece of that foam removable tape to keep the 'stuff' from swinging and banging while you are in motion. (I'm going to do this at a place in my house where I can't attach to the wall.)
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    Re: Adding interior lighting

    I was just in a Revolution yesterday and understand that one of my solutions in my GS won't work - replace the bulbs in a few of the "camper-style lights" with lower wattage bulbs. However, you have lights that take standard bulbs - you may be able to find energy efficient, low wattage, low lumens bulbs for much of what you have. That would be a really simple solution.
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    Re: Adding interior lighting

    Walmart sells removable foam tape adhesive backed hooks in various sizes that work very well and are strong. Sorry don't remember the brand name (maybe 3M). To remove the hook, just pull the tab on the bottom and this stretches the foam tape until it cleanly releases. Doesnt leave a mark.

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