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  1. acedmnd

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    :cool: HELLO RV'RS

    Had a quick question. I am looking at purchasing my first RV, I like the airstream models alot. What I want to know is; Is there a certain manufacturer that installs bookshelves in their RV's??? :cool: Also, which manufacturer supplies the most bells and whistles for the lowest cost??

    Appreciate any help!

    :question: :shy: :question:
  2. C Nash

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    Re: Adrian

    Welcome to the forum Adrian. The Airstream is one of the better rvs IMO. I know of no Mfg that puts bookshelves in. You may have to find a local craftsman to install you some shelves.
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    Re: Adrian

    Welcome Adrian and congratulations on your impending purchase!

    Are you looking for a certain type, such as Class A, Class B or C? I know the class A Motorhomes are really nice. We have a Class C which we think is plenty large enough for us at this stage in our travels.

    Look around and if you find one you are interested in, post back with questions so these experts can offer you advice. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. acedmnd

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    Re: Adrian

    Thank you! I was looking at fifth-wheels. I think a B or C would be something to look into! :)

    Happy Valentines! :cool:

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