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Discussion in 'Towables' started by Blueeyes, Nov 14, 2008.

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    I think that I may have finally sold my 20' Motorhome and am ready to buy a tt. I have written before for advice on certain models but the deals on my motorhome fell thru. due to the bad economy & most people already having bad credit. Now I am seriously considering a new eco 718QB by Dutchmen/Thor. After reviewing their web site, it appears that this tt is well built. Has anyone owned one & if so, did it hold up. We put approx. 80,000 miles on our MH in about 6 years seeing the US so we do need one that will hold up well. We do try to maintain our rv well. Thanks so much for any help.
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    RE: Advice on a new ECO TT

    Blue...I know nothing about that trailer but would recommend that you go thru all the pages in this forum and look for someone else's query about it. I did this with my questions about a fifth wheel as well as posting a question about it here. Also, the same things that you look for in a well-built house would work for a well-built TT. I found that when there were little mistakes throughout a trailer, I kind of figure they would probably screw up some others things that are more important. Also, you might buy a book by Randall Eaton...RV Comparison Guide. Hope that it is alright to mention this book and there are others to purchase and read about the quality of most of the rv manufactors in the country and Canada.

    Good Luck shopping and read, read, read RV USA and you will learn a lot.

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    RE: Advice on a new ECO TT

    In Eaton's book he discusses the Dutchmen(Thor) company but not the model you mention. He says "while researching the company we did not find much in the way of negative feedback." Keep looking for someone who has experience with the model you are inquiring about. Good luck.

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