advice on best rv for my family

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by carolynn, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Hi 'yall... we are new to the south, from Calif. We want to travel, but have 5 children. The only rv I have foung that seats 8...(in case they want to take a friend) the great west anniversry edition. weneed a class b so we can use it for a ssecond vechile. We need gas due to allergies to deisel. Any suggestions?
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    Re: advice on best rv for my family

    Seating for 8, that is tough. Your budget is a biggie here. If were me think I would look at a suburban and a tow trailer, this will give you a sleeping configuration and then burban will give the seating capacity with seat belts plus an everyday driver that would good in traffic. Although the B would seat 8(maybe) how do you sleep or eat or help on a rainy day camping.

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    RE: advice on best rv for my family

    I am like LEN, a TT would probably be the best. A couple of options, mutiple slide outs a must. The bigger you can make that trailer, the better. Bad weather days will be come rather cramped. TT can come with bunk beds. I have seen some models with (4) in the rear. I would also suggest looking at toy haulers. Most of them come with (4) fold down bunk beds in the toy section of the trailer. Either way, it is going to have to be long.
    I noticed you mentioned allegeries and diesel? I have never heard of that problem before. But, you might want to re-visit the diesel. They burn considerably alot cleaner now and are much quiter. You will need a lot of ponies under the hood to pull what you are looking for.

    I hope this helps.

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