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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by movinup, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Have recently sold 5er and going to move to A or C. Looking at an 01 Tradewinds DP, 39'. I know national is out of business wonder about availability of parts, service, etc. This is our first move to a motorized coach and we are wondering about others experience with this coach, would it be advisable is I could buy it at NADA low retail. Has not been run in a couple of years, what pitfalls do I need to look out for?
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    Re: advice on DP

    be careful, make sure everything works before you buy. and since you have owned a 5er, you should know what to look for.ASK WHY IT HAS BEEN SITTING FOR SO LONG. I have a neighbor who has one in his driveway that has been sitting going on two years now. really don't know why. Be careful and good luck. Al most for got,, if you can get a RV tech to look over it for you . :laugh:
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    Re: advice on DP


    H2H1 has given you some good/sound advice.

    Additionally even though National is gone (I own an orphan also a Monaco product) very few things are proprietary to the manufacturer. Almost every item is suppled by some source or another. Engine and Chassis are surely provided by some one other than National.

    Do your research and as H2H1 said pay to have a tech go over the coach prior to any money exchange.

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    Re: advice on DP

    Nothing there I would be afaid of. Although I would change all fluids immediately if not sooner. My son works for a company that has diesels out of service for long periods(years) they change the filters add new diesel, change the oil and fire them up for service and have had no problems. Other than that I would service all the RV systems like normal check the date on the tires and look to new batteries.

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    RE: advice on DP

    Thanks for all the good advice. The coach had been setting because of the death of the owner (seems to be an all too common occurrence). I have talked to a diesel tech. and he said basically the same thing as you all have. The tires are original and would have to be replaced, so, the only thing that remains is the meeting of the minds on the value. Thanks again, hope to see you on the road sometime.

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    Re: advice on DP

    I will put in my two cents. Have the engine oil tested. A diesel service company can do this for you and should not cost more then $25.00. Enjoy!!!!


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