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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by BikesAndGuns, Jun 16, 2014.

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    My wife, Linda, and I have not yet purchased an RV. Our plan is to leave central Illinois after the first week in January each year, travel to places like Texas, Arizona and California (as long as it’s at least 45 degrees, and not too hot, we’re happy), returning to Illinois in middle-to-late March.

    First, let me say that we have been researching this topic for quite a while from and understand the differences between small trailers, large trailers, 5th wheels, and Class A, B and C motorhomes. We have read a lot about the pros and cons of each and frankly, they all seem good; but everything I have read indicates that, in the end, the choice of RV comes down to personal preferences. So, here are our requirements:
    - Live and cook in it for 10-12 weeks at a time
    - Take the cat with us
    - Be able to go back to the living area while in motion to use the bathroom or take a nap
    - Should be small enough to drive into town to shop or on side trips
    - Not too difficult to park
    - Want to bring my Honda Gold Wing Trike along
    - Would rather not pull a trailer or vehicle, but would consider it if it makes sense
    - Budget $35-60,000

    While Linda doesn’t care much for riding on the highway with me on the Trike, she does enjoy scenic rides. In past years, she would pull an enclosed cargo trailer behind our pick-up truck and I would ride the Trike. When she got tired of driving, or in inclement weather, I would pull the Trike into the trailer and drive the truck. That worked out pretty well, but Linda didn’t care much for pulling the trailer, even when empty.

    Although we are fine living in close quarters (we are perfectly happy in a full-size bed), we have very different lifestyles. Linda is very happy just sitting around or riding her bicycle. During the spring, she likes to work in the garden and she always does the yard work on her own. She hates to fly and would prefer driving. I, on the other hand, have traveled for a living the past 25 years, flying around the country, and love it. I am always doing something: riding the Trike, target shooting with revolvers and rifles, socializing, etc. If I’m out gallivanting about on the Trike, it would be convenient if Linda had a way to go to the store, visit goodwill, go to garage sales or take a side trip.

    I had considered a used Class C Toy Hauler, but 1) they tend to be pricey, 2) the availability isn’t all that great, and 3) I’m thinking it might make more sense to pull the Trike behind on a trailer, because Linda would probably be more comfortable driving a smaller RV while I’m somewhere else on the Trike.

    We would appreciate any advice as to the type of vehicle that might be best-suited to our needs, based on your personal experiences.
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    WOW!! Welcome to the forum. Think there are some consessions needed. LOL Best I can give is a class A with a small toad. Another option is the TT toy hauler pulled with a truck that the wife will have when you are on the bike. Think this is best option since guns are involved LOL. Only problem then is wife cannot get up and walk while traveling. So either the bike has to go or the walking around while traveling. Good luck and let us know what you do
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    "Be able to go back to the living area while in motion to use the bathroom or take a nap" - this is not recommended for ANY set up. Everyone should be seated and buckled in at all times.

    It looks like you have gotten some good advice here -
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    Take a look at "Lazy Daze". I have a 27' Class C ('99) and love the floorplan, maneuvervability, and very comfortable to live in for 2-3 months. Lazy Daze is one of the few RV manufacturers that puts 2 FULL length sofas in the RV along with the bed over cab. The sofas can be used as 2 extra long Twin Beds or converted into a King Size bed at night. Storage is more limited but you should be fine for 3 months. Would not recommend for FT.
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    To me the answer is a class A towing a pickup that is big enough for the trike. It falls in budget for an older but well maintained diesel pusher with two or more slides. Will give the wife a nice home while your out and about. Have a smaller rig to sight see together and for her to garage sale or shop while your out and about. Have a queen sized bed, living room, dining area, kitchen and bath area plus a toilet room. One sees a lot of this type of combination in the desert SW.


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