Advice? (Toy hauler tow with LIFTED SUV)

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by 4X4CHVY, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Hi, newbie question here and ALL advice is welcome!!

    I've searched 4x4, truck, RV, off-road, etc forums and asked dealerships across the USA - still not one single clue. I cannot possibly be the first one to want to tow a toy hauler with a lifted, modified, 1/2 ton ........OLD............SUV.

    Would like to hear recommendations on length, weight and height of what will be practical to tow with a 1987 Chevy K5 Blazer. 4WD, V8, 350, 1/2 ton - that is NO LONGER STOCK. (<---There's the kicker!)

    Basic mods (& feel free to ask cos there's PLENTY more...) Nothing is done half-@ssed. Lotta time and money into it to do it right. Skyjacker susp lift, 3" body lift, Skyjacker Nitro shocks & steering stabilizers. Custom beefed 700R4 auto w/od, Custom D-shafts & axles, 4:56 rear gears, 38" Radial Super Swampers/8 ply sidewall, Class 4 frame hitch - All work done with grade 8 hardware. Polyurethane bushings. NP208 xfer Case. Triple core radiator. (Mechanically the truck is perf. Whl bearings, Ball joints, brakes, tie rods, drag links, sway bar, etc) 8 feet wide, 16 feet long and a CAT scale weight of 5420 full of fuel. Truck stands 7'6" to the roof


    I know it can pull a 70k lb (loaded) tri axle dumptruck out of sugar sand. I know it can pull down barns and drag other 4x4's around in a bumper-to -bumper tug. I know it can pull a 5,000 lb, 6 x 14 enclosed trailer with no electric brakes from AZ to FL to NH and back.

    I WILL get a weight distributing hitch (and the drop for it.) I WILL get an electric brake controller. I WILL flip the trailer axles. Anything else I can do?

    My best guess is a 20-24 ft trailer and keep the total loaded trailer weight under 6,000?????? Yeah? Nay?

    What about HEIGHT? Most toy haulers seem to want to be 11- 12 feet high - too top heavy?

    p.s. I'm not completely green so don't be shy about answering, please. I'm a CDL-A Heavy Hauler with 13 yrs of experience loading, securing and hauling all kinds of over-sized equipment, in all weather, on all possible terrains and grades. I'm my own GM/Chevy mechanic and I've maxed the capabilities of my truck on and off road for the 15 years I've owned it...... BUT THIS RV STUFF : LIGHT WEIGHT TRAILERS WITH TINY LITTLE AXLES AND TINY LITTLE TIRES, BUILT OUT OF ALUMINUM.... JUST BAFFLES ME. :bleh:

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