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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by ScottishRab, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Hi There,

    In January 2015 I retire after 24 years in the Royal Navy. My wife and I then intend travelling the US for 12 months in an RV. I therefore have a host of questions I feel necessary in planning our trip of a lfetime.
    1. Should we buy an RV or is it plausible/possible to hire one for 11/12 months?
    2. How much does it cost to stay in an RV park per night?
    3. As I will be an ex-serviceman will I be able to utilise my Veterans ID whilst in the USA?
    4. If I was to buy an RV it would be a used vehicle - who are the recommended dealers I should be looking to deal with?
    5. Approximately how much per day does it cost to live on the road self catering?

    Many thanks for all your time and I appreciate some people may not wish to disclose their daily alowance on this public forum please feel free to pm me. I would really appreciate this help whilst attempting to budget/cost this trip.

  2. goldhouma

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    Re: Advice Wanted

    we are long term camping in south louisiana...and we pay 390.00 a month for the space this includes ele., water, sewer hookups, we have a laundry mat.
    the lots are extra large...

    the price depends on where you camp, they are all different..and have diffrent far as cost, we find it way cheaper in our camper than a house...and I guess the cost of food depends how much, and what you cook as aposed to eatting sugestion is to find a rv that fits your needs, and is comfortable...(enough closet space and pantry size, a comfortable mattress, and a nice liveing area)there are so many choises...we have rear living. if you enjoy cooking there is rear kitchens which has lots of cabenits! etc... buy one that soots your lifestyle. and enjoy!
  3. goldhouma

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    Re: Advice Wanted

    and as far as cable, they do offer cable but we just use our batwing antenia, we have a widescreen hdtv so we catch over 30 hd channels for free...we sometimes rent a movie....or go to the show. just enjoy....lifes too short to worry about everything all the time...
  4. goldhouma

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    Re: Advice Wanted

    you do end up paying more for short term camping than long term...
  5. SnowbirdInFlight

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    Re: Advice Wanted

    Hey Veronica where are you staying in Louisiana? We will be going through LA on our way to Texas next week.

  6. WandaLust

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    RE: Advice Wanted

    I believe it would be better to buy the smallest used TT you would be comfortable in since you will be outside most of the time sightseeing. It's cheaper to cook in your TT than eat out. Park rates vary quite a bit from place to place. $25 a night is probably average. That would include water and electricity and sometimes sewer. I don't know about your UK ID. As for dealers.... some are good and some are bad. You can also buy from private sellers but be careful. We were really taken by "a nice old man." No one can give you a figure as to cost on the road. That depends on your tow vehicle and how many miles a day you cover, if you eat out or not. what parks you stay at etc. Remember there are places in the USA where you can camp for free for the night also. There will be no hookups. You need to do a lot of research before you get here. :)
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    Re: Advice Wanted

    Shipmate: You have chosen a good way to enjoy your deserved retirement. I can't answer any specific question for you. I can suggest you try This is a private site that list all military campgrounds in the US. Somebody there may be able to answer your questions about eligibility etc. The prices are about average to a private campground and vary in amenities but you have the familiarity/security of a military environment. USN RET

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