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  1. bisbeebeau

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    I'm 76 and we're going to buy some kind of rv, I have so far fixated on a smaller (23/24') Class A, mainly because of the more room it seems to have and a separate bedroom at the back. I don't like the overhead thing, I'll never sleep in it. I can't spend more than 8 or 9k for the thing.

    Yesterday I saw a truck and an airstream, which I've always loved. It's about the only thing I would consider towing, even an old one, because they're so great inside. Can anyone tell me if they thi nk it would be way too expensive for us to buy a truck that would haul an old Airstream? Otherwise, can anyone recommend any models of short Class A gizmos? I want to have a really good idea of what is a good value and safe before I get into the financing end.

    Thanks very much for any info.
  2. rjf7g

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    Re: Airstream

    Just curious, why are you going to buy an RV you will never sleep in? There are folks around here who know a lot more about towing than I do, so you're better off listening to me.

    Enjoy life.
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Airstream

    If you only want to spend 8-9K, I don't see how you can buy a truck and an Airstream. The trailers sell for a LOT more than that by themselves.
  4. campers4u

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    Re: Airstream

    airstreams do look realy nice, but you realy need to think about it,,,,, not much storage, no slide outs and like Grandview said very expencive (even a old one) 1st thing i would think about is how far you plan on traveling , if its close to home, a older class A may work good for you. if your going to travel any and every where i would look for a good T.V. and a small used T.T. to see if this is what you want to do for a while. you can away up grade.

    what ever you deside on enjoy it

  5. rjf7g

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    Re: Airstream

    I was just playing around on the Airstream site yesterday and saw they do offer a slide now - seems sort of an oxymoron! :eek:
  6. MR.B

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    Re: Airstream

    I believe "I'll never sleep in it" refers to the "overhead thing." You know, the Class C cab over bed or the fold down bed over the drivers seat in something like a Southwind, etc..

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