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    My husband and I will be travelling to Alaska in June from Southern California, to visit our daughters in Denali. We will be pulling a small Trillium trailer. We are new to this and would like some suggestions. We will try to get to Ak as quickly as possible and return home much more leisurely. We have a month. My question is for those who have traveled this route. How many miles are reasonable in a day assuming the weather cooperates. We don't want to be completely worn out when we get there. Thanks, Margaret
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    Re: Alcan

    Unless you take your TT on a Ferry boat to Alaska and drive back, I don't think you can make it up and back and see anything in Alaska in 1 month. Just my opinion. ;)
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    Re: Alcan

    Think I agree with DL, Your talking 6000-7000 miles depending on route(round trip). Cali. to Vancouver BC area I5 is a long 2 days and then in Canada you will slow and in the northern Canada and Alaska slower yet. With both driving to give the other a break things will go easier but the worn out feeling will come quick. Plus you are traveling in construction season and may have some good deylays. I haven't driven it all but I have from both ends a bit of it. DL has a great Idea on the Ferry from Bellingham to Whitter but it is costly $4000, 5 days, but you have a cabin and rest. Sounds like a fun trip good luck.



    Re: Alcan

    We did it 2 years ago and won't try it again in a rush. left San Diego to Fairbanks and was rushing it in May 2006, nearly drove me and mine looney, more time and less hurry yes I will go again, I agree about the construction, saw more potholes and flags than animals. Take your time and enjoy it all and if delayed fix lunch.

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