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    I brought a 1994safari contentinal 3.8 cummins with a allision push button 6 speed. The problem started one morning when the do not shift light came on. I finally was able to disconnect the batteries then push the d button at the same time I started the engine and we got home. After that I would go and start it every couple days and it worked fine then the push button console would flicker but no lights and the DNS light came back on. Now it won;t start either. I toic the push button console to a allison dealer and they powered it up and said it had a power disruption code. Put it back in and it flickered but worked The next day same thing. I am at a loss of what to check. It seems logical it would be electrical but I have checked all connections now am stumped. If I could get it started and in gear would take it in but hate to pay someone to haul it as I live 40 miles from anything. I saw on one post about relays in the tmc I think it was but have had no luck in finding it.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated
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    Re: Allision 94 safari

    There relays in the main power circuit for the TCM, and usually for the ignition signal to the selector. May be a relay problem. Also remember to take a good look at the system ground connections.
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    RE: Allision 94 safari

    Don't you haveRoad Side Assistance insurance?? They will haul your RV to the closest qualified Allison repair shop. Does not mater if it is one mile or 100 miles. Towing from your home is no difference than towing from the road side. ;)
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    Re: Allision 94 safari

    Thanks for the advice, I think I got it resolved. The transmisson relay moduel (which is located under the dash) has six relays in it. I replaced the top left and everything seems to be working right, hopefully it will stay that way. For reference, I also went to and talked to a RV mechanic with 22 years experience. It was $21.00 but we emailed back and forth for two weeks, well worth the price and advice.
    The relay unit cost over $600.00 so this was a pleasant fix. Safe travels and thanks
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    Re: Allision 94 safari

    Ok just to followu-up. it was the ecu unit. I took the advice form this forum and contacted John at Transmission Instruments and sent the ecu unit to him and in a couple days had it back. All has worked since. Phone: 866.439.9779 3634 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 108 Flower Mound, TX 75022


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