allision trans problem? engine stalling

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by djmatco, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Hi, drive a 1994 Chevy P35 6.5L 4sp allison trans.
    Last Friday it started with a little hesitation from a stop, by the end of the day my engine would stall when the RPM's would drop into first gear.
    Sometimes I could feather the engine and prevent the stall- but it seems to be getting worse.
    Does this sound like a torque converter problem?
    Any ideas would be helpful.
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    RE: allision trans problem? engine stalling

    welcome to the forums DJ ,,, the way u put it ,, it stalls while going into 1st gear???,,, to me that does not sound like a torque convert prob ,, usally it is when the torque converter does not unlock after going into OD ,, ,, but yes it is possible ,, how does the fluid look and smell ??? and when was the last time u changed the trans fluid???? the hesitation from a stop could be a slipping trans ,,, but let us know on the fluid condition :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :)
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    RE: allision trans problem? engine stalling

    If it's a four speed Allison, it's either an AT542, or an AT545 neither of which have a lockup clutch. So there's no mechanical connection between the engine and the drive wheels ever. So no, it can't be a torque converter problem.

    If it's a four speed hydramatic, which was common behind the 6.5, those do have a torque converter clutch and can cause an engine stall.

    If you want to double check which transmission it is, just read the nameplate on the side of the transmission.

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