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    I have a monaco 1995 with 57000 miles with 5.9 cummins and allison push button md 3060. During my trip I change my oil and filters because my transmission begin a changing the gear. The specialist said a I have no problem with my transmission. It said the problem is in the linkage mechanic on the motor. After 800 mile I must shift manuel and I had very hard finish my trip in Canada. The turbo was not able keep pression for climb and I must ride a 55 mph in 5 gear at 12 psi in turbo. I have not the kiq down, at decrease power. Where I would go the Allison or Mecanic shop? I already pay 520$ in Washington Jonhson truck center for my problem is Allison.
    Today, I clean my air filter, is good. My brake motor work 1 or 2 on 5. Excuse my English, I am better in French!!!

    Jean Autotte
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    Re: allison md 3060

    I think I would pay attention to the person that told you you have a problem with the mechanical linkage on the engine. Sounds like you're not getting enough fuel.

    I would take this vehicle to the service facility for whoever made the chassis.

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